The treasures of Saint-Léonce cathedral in Fréjus

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The interior - ©François de Dijon / CC-BY-SA The interior - ©François de Dijon / CC-BY-SA
Saint-Léonce cathedral in Fréjus Cathedral

The cathedral

The cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages, at the time when Fréjus was re-raised by bishop Riculfe, after the Saracen’s destructions. On the ruins of the old basilica, Riculfe re-raised the cathedral.

And above the apse, surprise! A crenelate tower who was here to defend the neighbouring episcopate palace! The current church dates back to the 13th century.

The visit of the cathedral

Fist, the portal: whoa, gorgeous doors made of oak tree, nicely sculpted with scenes of the Virgin’s life (16th c.)! They protected them by a panel, because of the rain. So, you can only discover those doors during guided tours!

The retable: made by Jacques Durandi, it represents saint Marguerite in the middle, who’s coming out from the dragon’s body. Around her, saints. A little master piece!

The cloister: raised in the 13th century, we find in its gallery (on the first floor) an archaeological museum. But, there’s an amazing thing, in this cloister. Look! On the painted ceiling (15th century), we can see strange creatures, half human, half animals… Hey, it remind us of the alchemical paintings of the castle of Plessis-Bourré, isn’t it?

The baptistery

Probably the oldest one in France! It dates back to the 5th century, only the dome was re-raised in the 19th century. Square outside, octagonal inside, the baptistery has 8 black columns flank by marble capitals (some Roman remains?). The white marble soil and the mosaic on the walls are the primitive one!

And also!