Trécesson and the terrible agony of the lady buried alive

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The castle - ©Farz brujunet / CC-BY-SA The castle - ©Farz brujunet / CC-BY-SA
Trécesson castle Castle Ghost Legend

We are near the Brocéliande forest, a nice legendary land for a castle! But did you know about the legend of the lady of Trecesson? Ah ah, I cut you to the quick! This legend took place in the 18th century. It's about a young bride who was buried alive, at night in the castle park.

A man witnessed he scene, and told everything he saw to the count of Trecesson. This one sent his men to the place indicated by the witness... indeed, there was a lady buried! They dug her up, but she quickly died... Since this day, her ghost haunts the area around the castle.

But, enough of this chatting! Let's see the castle's history... It was raised in the beginning of the 15th century for Jean de Trecesson, constable of Brittany, although lords lived here since... 8th century! This massive fortress, built with violet schist, had all defensive characteristics: moats, small castle at the entrance, covered way... Trecesson was transformed into a barony in 1681. From that moment, the castle fell to several families: Le Prestre de Châteaugiron, Bourelle de Sivry...

Let's finished with these words, from Breton poet Théodore Botrel: Ce n'est qu'avec un frisson Qu'on parcourt ce domaine Où rôde encore l'âme en peine De la morte de Trécesson, which means "With a shiver we walk through this estate where wanders the lost soul of the Trecesson's dead lady"... For sure, this little castle between legend and reality deserves your attention!

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