Vaison-la-Romaine Gallo-Roman bridge and the terrible flood in 1992

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The bridge - ©Torsade de Pointes / CC0 The bridge - ©Torsade de Pointes / CC0
Vaison-la-Romaine Roman bridge Gallo-Roman Bridge Natural disaster

The Roman bridge

"These big blocks of stone, standing since ages in middle of an Alpin torrent’s fury, inspire respect", said French writer Stendhal in his Mémoires d’un touriste, part 1.

Oh, this bridge is actually pretty old, 2 000 years old... He links the old Roman city of Vaison to the Upper City, the medieval town. It has a single arch, 17 metres long and 9 metres thick! Blocks of stone are link to each other one with metal clamps.

The bridge resisted to German armies' assaults in 1944 and to the river Ouvèze’s flood... even the murderous one, on September 22th 1992...

A mortal flood

That day, the rain fell for hours, real downpours. The river Ouvèze overflowed its banks. Quickly, without warning! Cars, roofs, houses were destroyed. But above all, 40 people died...

The bridge was restored in 1994, 2 years after the flood. A plaque commemorated the event: "On September 22th 1992, the river Ouvèze was in flood and killed crowds of people. Remember."

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