Villandry gardens: love and lettuces

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The vegetable plot - ©ZohaStel / CC-BY-SA The vegetable plot - ©ZohaStel / CC-BY-SA
Villandry castle Castle Castle of the Loire Valley Garden

Love letters in box-trees

The current gardens were landscaped by Joachim Carvallo, the new owner. Between 1910 and 1918, this Spanish doctor, fond of art, created the gorgeous gardens on the foundations of the old landscaped garden. He drew his inspiration from the famous French architect Androuet du Cerceau, from his book Les plus excellents bastiments de France… Oh, but do you know Villandry’s famous love gardens?

A cardinal jealous of salads

The vegetable plot allies medieval tradition and Renaissance spirit. Landscapers drew their inspiration from the monks, who used to make pattern with the vegetables, in their abbey. The Renaissance from Italy is echoing by fountains and bowers.

Since the time of their creation, Villandry’s gardens were famous: castle of Chenonceau or Fontainebleau modeled their park on them! You know what? The cardinal of Aragon, who came here to visit the plot in 1570, said to the Pope he saw the most beautiful salads!

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