When Lamartine had a crush on Nina, his best friend's wife

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Lamartine - ©Public domain Lamartine - ©Public domain
Pierreclos castle Castle Alphonse de Lamartine

Guillaume de Pierreclos, Jean-Baptiste’s son, often welcomed the poet Lamartine in his castle, his close friend. Well, the poet seduced his wife, the pretty Nina de Pierreclos! Daughter of the lord of Cormatin castle…

Anne-Joséphine, nicknamed Nina, “famous by her beauty and her talents in the whole country”: she also was Jacqueline-Marguerite’s sister-in-law. It was Nina who told about the story of Jacqueline and Dumont to Alphonse: the poet couldn’t get over it! Dumont was his private tutor and he never told him about that…

Well, he couldn’t, because the little Alphonse was too young to understand those things… The pretty Nina had a son, Léon, who died at the age of 26 of tuberculosis. Hey, was he Lamartine’s illegitimate son? Well, nooooo, of course… but Alphonse raised him as his own son.

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