With the stream, in Montargis

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Montargis - ©Zewan (Pascal Barlier) / CC-BY-SA Montargis - ©Zewan (Pascal Barlier) / CC-BY-SA
Montargis canals Canal

Everywhere in Montargis city, we have canals. And each one tells his own story... For instance, the "Tanbark's mill bridge" (pont du Moulin à Tan) was named after the Montargis tanners who used to exploit a mill not far from here. And the "Fishery bridge" (pont de la Pêcherie) where fishermen used to live...

Tanning was a very important industry in Montargis: well, this activity needed lot of water... and the city had water everywhere! Indeed, Montargis is located at the confluence of rivers Loing, Puiseaux and Vernisson... Well, I hope you'll fall in love with this astonishing city!

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