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Anjony's gory saga

The castle | Bernard Chambres / CC-BY-SA
Castle Homicide Anjony castle

You'll easily recognize Anjony silhouette! But listen... High lava-stoned towers are talking to us... They are talking about the history of the castle, which begins in the 15th century. An incredible saga, a real familial drama...

Our story began in 1351: a rich merchant, Guillaume Johanini, newly ennobled with a new name (d'Anjony), showed up here, in Cantal.

Problem! Lands belonged to mighty lords of Tournemire, who ruled here since the 10th century. Out of the question to let the rich stranger moved in!

In the beginning, the two families tried to get closer with an agreement signed in 1368: a marriage between Margaret de Tournemire and Bernard d'Anjony.

Oooh, everything was fine, or? Not at all! Families fought during the Hundred Years War: d'Anjony supported king Charles VII, as Tournemire supported the English.

In 1440, a big keep was raised by Louis d'Anjony... just in front of the Tournemire's tower. Oh my gosh! Rigaut de Tournemire saw red! His enemy dared to defy his authority!

Ye gods: at that time came a profound and hereditary hatred that would last for several generations. Attacks, insults, provocations... they'd stop at nothing.

A Anjony member was even murdered in 1523. Phew... finally, in the 15th century, Michel d'Anjony married a Tournemire lady...

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