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Antoine d'Abbadie's adopted son and his tragic destiny

Antoine and Abdullah | Egia / CC-BY-SA
Castle Tragic destiny Abbadia castle

Antoine came back from a trip in Africa with a very special gift, in his suitcase.

The African king’s gift was in fact a little boy, Abdullah, who was in fact… an 8 years-old slave.

Antoine adopted him, brought him back in France and immediately set him free. He raised him in the castle until he was 16…

But Abdullah became tired of the Basque countryside. He wanted something else… a little action!!

So, he left his family and enlisted in French emperor Napoleon III’s army: he fought in Solférino and against Prussians in Alsace (Eastern France).

But he wore the Federate’s uniform, during the Paris Commune (a civil war), and he didn’t know it.

Because of that, he was shot by enemies in 1871… He never saw again neither the Basque country, nor Africa.

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