Antoinette de Bourbon's revenge

Antoinette and ClaudeAntoinette and Claude | ©Public domain

Castle of Joinville was raised in 1533, on lands near river Marne. Raised by Claude of Lorraine, 1st duke de Guise! And there’s a funny fact, about that construction… When Claude went hunting in the forest of Joinville, he passed by a little house in the city: la Viergeotte.

There, he spent a jolly good time with a young pretty lady… In her plump and warm arms, he forget his wife, Antoinette de Bourbon. Antoinette? She was a descendant of king of France saint Louis, and her brother Charles was king Henri IV’s grand-father! A livid wife, stayed up here in her castle…

But, she wasn’t stupid! She suspected something. She finally decided to take revenge: she entirely re-rigged out the young thing like a real princess and redecorated her shack like a palace. Claude was forced to recognize his wife’s generosity: he admitted his faults and raised her a brand new castle (in 40 days only!): current Joinville castle!