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Armagnac and sinister jail

Detail | Florent Pécassou / CC-BY-SA
Castle Imprisonment Bernard VII d'Armagnac Lavardens castle

In the middle of this fortified village in Gers, here’s Lavardens castle! And here’s its story… In the 10th century, we already had a castle, here, located in a strategical place during the Middle-Ages. Reraised in the 13th century, fief of the mighty counts of Armagnac, Lavardens looked like a big stronghold flanks by a rampart and a big keep. Hey, I talked about Armagnac? Do you remember?... We already met this family in Brousse castle, especially with the terrible Bernard VII, at war with his family: he hated one of his relative, Géraud de Pardiac: he burnt his eyes in Brousse! Translated in Lavardens, he put him in jail in a dark gaol, before he locked him in Rodèle and let him die slowly bottom of a well… The same year Bernard also locked here Géraud’s two sons…

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