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At that time, Jean Ango's fleet ploughed the oceans

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Castle Exploration Ango manor house

Fantastically wealthy ship owner from Dieppe, Jean Ango grew richer thanks to the ships he sent from the four corners of the world, to trade with India, Africa, Brazil... in 1523, a four-vessels fleet reached for the first time New Yorker coasts!

In possession of one of the greatest fortune of his time, Ango paid with his own money the stay of king François I when he came in Dieppe in 1534. What a splendour!

Impressed, this one appointed him captain of the town and castle... The ship owner built for his king "6 small lighted ships, carved and gilded in all its length ": they sailed together a few days. They visited Ango's summer estate, a few kilometres away from Dieppe.

Built between 1532 and 1544, the manor is a fine instance of Renaissance style, with its main building decorated with arcades and sculpted medallions. But the highlight of the visit is that huge coloured dovecote, made up with bricks, sandstone and flint-stone: it could house over 4000 birds! And yet...

Ango died completely ruined in 1551. His beautiful manor was sold and transformed into a farm, oops! Burnt, demolished... buildings were saved from ruins by new owners who restored them.

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