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Auguste de Marhallach's broken (but non-standard) life

The castle | Moreau.henri / CC-BY-SA
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A Breton in love

This little medieval castle on the quiet bank of river Odet was bought by Jean-Charles de Marhallac'h in 1774. He was Auguste’s dad. Auguste?? Auguste-Félix du Marhallac’h, who inherited the Pérennou and settled here in 1830!

Marhallac’h was a Breton lord with a rather outstanding life. He became a priest late on in life, after an insurmountable grief. Auguste was born in Quimper (Brittany) in 1808.

After studies (law and medicine), he became manager of Quimper hospital. But Auguste loved art and history. Besides, he made a little cultural trip in England, where he met his wife, Melanie Harrington.

When they came back in Brittany, their life was like heaven on earth: Auguste managed the dig of a Roman villa found in the park of Pérennou and Melanie had parties where all the local upper crust turned up.

A broken heart

Unfortunately, Auguste lost his family: his Melanie, his 3 little children. We were in 1845. His life suddenly came to an end. So, he gave up everything and became a priest in 1851, leaving for the Glénans archipelago, at sea.

There, we only had moor as far as the eye could see. He founded a small chapel. Oh, living conditions were terrible... Imagine! Rain. Storm. The wind howling. Infinite faded sky, full of sorrows.

A storm and a grey sky echoing his own heart, already dead? Auguste died old in his Pérennou castle, in 1891. He finally met up with his Melanie and his kids again...

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