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Balleroy castle and François de Choisy, the transvestite abbot

The castle | Chatsam / CC-BY-SA
Castle François-Timoléon de Choisy Balleroy castle

Abbot of Choisy was raised like a girl by his mother, and he transvestited his life through. He was called François-Timoléon, and we found him in his castle of Balleroy. A weird fellow! D’Argenson described him: “He had wit, a curious and interesting discussion, but he really felt like a woman.” François-Timoléon wrote in his Memories: “A lady said to me I already lived 3 or 4 different lives: man, woman, always in the extremities, injured in the studies or in the bagatelles, with a great courage, but with a little girl’s interest in his looks.” He had a nice life… but at the end, he was completely ruined, so he had to sell Balleroy. Few years later, while he was passing in front of his old castle, he sighed: “Ah, I’d like to eat you again!” That was too late…

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