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Bazoches, Vauban's castle

The castle | Patrick89 / CC-BY-SA
Castle Vauban Bazoches castle

Bazoches is the Burgundy fief belonging to the French marquis de Vauban, the famous military architect of king Louis XIV but also engineer, general brigadier, fortification's general superintendent...

The former castle was put up in the 12th century for Jean de Bazoches.

In 1589, the lord's daughter, Françoise de La Perrière, married Jacques Le Prestre de Vauban... Vauban's grandfather. That way, our engineer set up in the castle in 1675.

The fortress was a trapezium, he added a wing in order to close the courtyard. Inside, he laid out his office.

He extended stables and in the courtyard, he put four cannons king Louis XIV's elder son gave to him after the battle of Philipsburg. You still can see two of them in the courtyard... The two others are in the castle de Marcilly (Burgundy)!

When Vauban passed away, his daughters inherited the estate.

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