Béatrix de Cusance: the lady of Belvoir and her complicated loves

Béatrix (P. de Jode, based on Van Dyck, 17th c)Béatrix (P. de Jode, based on Van Dyck, 17th c) | ©Rijksmuseum / Public domain

Some mighty lords

The current castle was raised in the 13th century. In 1395, Belvoir fell to Cusance family: noblemen and soldiers from father to son!

First, we had Jean: duke of Burgundy John the Fearless' comrade in arms.

Ferry, then, duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold's chamberlain. In the 17th century, Claude de Cusance married Ernestine de Wuithem: he refit out the old apartments. Their daughter was the famous Béatrix de Cusance!

The lady of Belvoir

She was born in the castle one fine day of 1614. She inherited Belvoir and married duke of Lorraine: she was the most beautiful lady of her time, immortalized by Van Dyck!

Even pope Alexander VII said "her face was worthy of an Empire"! Anyway, Béatrix was 20 years old, when she fell in love with duke of Lorraine Charles IV. Feelings were mutual!

But our duke was already married! Béatrix's parents didn’t like this situation, so they sent her away from Belvoir.

They thought she would forget this short-lived passion! There, in “exile”, she met lord of Cantecroix, who had a little flirt with her. Béatrix sighed, thought about his duke...

But she decided to married Cantecroix. A flying marriage: Cantecroix died 2 years later! Béatrix was free, again! And duke of Lorraine too, because he finally divorced. In 1637, our two lovebirds wed in Besançon... two children were born in Belvoir castle!