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Beauregard castle: jingles and galerie des Illustres

The gallery | Esther Westerveld / CC-BY
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Beauregard castle

Beauregard is known for its beautiful galerie des Illustres ("Famous Frenchmen's gallery"). The French architect Ducerceau wrote about this castle, in the 16th century: "This building isn't big, but it's nice and well-fit out. The castle is pleasant, so is the garden."

In the past, Beauregard was a modest manor put up in 1514. King of France Francis I gave it to his uncle René of Savoie in 1521; this man kept it few years only.

Now, Jean de Thier turned up: king Henri II's Secretary of State, he owned Beauregard in 1545 and entirely transformed it... when he was 76 years-old!

He fitted up the "Jingle Bells' office" (Cabinet des Grelots), decorated by the Italian artist Francisco Scibec de Carpi. By the way, why do we find jingle bells? Because they were represented on Thier's blazon!

In the 17th century, Beauregard fell to Paul Ardier, king Louis XIII's Paymaster: this man fitted up the famous galerie des Illustres, decorated by an artist from Blois, Jean Mosnier: 26 metres long, 6 metres large, 3 centuries of History are overlooking us!

We can see 300 portraits, important figures in France history, kings and queens... Mosnier also completed Luxembourg's palace ceilings, in Paris, for Mary of Medici.

Then Beauregard fell to Paul, one of Ardier's son... did you know, in 1551, Henri II gave to Jean de Thier 1 500 trees which came from royal forests?

In the 17th century, Ardier added fruit trees on each side of the courtyard, then he transformed the park into a landscaped garden in the 18th century.

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