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Bees lead their happy life in Château-Renard

A beehive | Onésime / CC-BY-SA
Museum Château-Renard apiculture museum

Yum, I adore honey... We can bake so much good things, with it, cakes, candies... In the Middle Ages, people knew it well! It was the only commodity people used to add sugar in food. The fame of this honey began during the Middle Ages. At that time, it was a little pink plant, the sainfoin, which gave to this honey its unique taste: even royal family adored it! Nowadays the sainfoin has almost disappeared: so the honey became a mixed flowers one. Here in this little museum, you'll meet apiculturists who'll share their knowledge with you. Young and old alike will like the journey: it's a lively museum, so you'll dive into bee's life, by observing them behind their glass beehives! You have videos and a marked out trip too...

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