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Bernard, Alleuze castle blasted brute

The castle | P. Danilo Royet / CC-BY-SA
Castle Hundred Years War Siege Robbery Alleuze castle

Alleuze is a huge ruined keep located on its steep rock. Listen now to the story of our castle... the most striking episode took place during the Hundred Years War.

One man, called Bernard de Garlans (nicknamed le Méchant Bossu, "the Wicked Humpback"!) cooked up with the English. He besieged Alleuze castle in 1383 and stayed there during 7 years with his henchmen and his servants.

Not only those fellows stuck around a little too long, but on top they put a great mess in all the area!

Garlans took his time in order to fortify the fortress: Alleuze would be an impregnable stronghold! He raised two new walls, added several buildings for 300 horses and more soldiers...

Once the intruders turned out, inhabitants of Alleuze burnt the castle in 1405. Why? Because they didn't want a new band of brigands in the fortress!

Bishop of Clermont and lord of Alleuze, Henri de Latour, sentenced them to rebuild everything in 1414...

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