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Bonneval castle: a pasha, a pretty miss

The castle | Emmenngee / CC-BY-SA
Castle Miss Aïssé Bonneval castle

A pasha in Limousin !

Claude-Alexandre de Bonneval… A striking chap!

Born in 1675 in the castle, a chronicler says he was ″extremely debauched, a libertine, a crook and a looter.″ But also very witty and handsome!

When he was 10 years old, he enlisted in the Navy, then in the French army: he became a colonel at 25!

But the minister of War, Chamillart, disgraced him. Why?! Because he offended madame de Maintenon, Louis XIV’s wife! Ouch.

He served in the imperial army, then he went in Constantinople, where the sultan hosted him.

He converted to Islam and took the name of Ahmed Pacha! He was the sultan’s favourite… but in France, people gossiped!

Claude died in 1747: he never saw again nor his Limousin, neither his wife Judith de Biron...

Aïssé’s memory

Aïssé’s grand daughter, Marie-Denise, married André de Bonneval in 1760 and moved in the castle.

In an apartment, she hung her nanny’s portrait with her husband’s ancestors portraits…

Surprise! The lovely pastel drawing is still here! We can see it during the visit.

Marie-Denise lived in the castle, then she followed her husband in Arfeuille-Châtain then in Guéret (Creuse). They had 4 kids...

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