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Brantôme the writer in Richemont castle, his ivory tower

Brantôme | Public domain
Castle Brantôme Richemont castle

This castle was raised in 1560 by Pierre de Bourdeille, abbot of Brantôme, on lands belonging to his family.

The inner apartments are very well preserved: we almost can see Brantôme, working in his study, looking at the window the green fields of his native Périgord...

But, by the way, who was Brantôme? Abbot, but also famous writer and commentator in the 16th century. He had a very spicy look on the customs of this century.

After a bad horse fall, he lived in his castle of Richemont where he spent all his time writing.

The castle is composed of two T-shaped building link by a machicolation tower.

They first raised the northern tower, which housed the living-room and the dining-room on the ground floor: on the first floor, we had two rooms, Brantôme's bedroom included. He added later another wing where he fit the kitchen.

Brantôme passed away in 1614, he was buried in the castle's chapel, located in the tower. Then Richemont fell to several owners; in the 18th century, the two wings were extended.

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