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Cadouin's Holy Shroud... a mystery?

The abbey | Jochen Jahnke / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Cistercian Cadouin abbey

The abbey was founded in 1115 by Géraud de Sales: it became an important place of pilgrimage, on the way to Compostela. With a famous worship object, inside!

A shroud, brought back by a monk from Périgord when he came back from Crusades: a pilgrim gave it to him.

So, they immediately raised a small chapel in Cadouin, in order to house this precious relic. But a fire broke out!

Monks of Cadouin abbey took the shroud and raised a new church from 1118, blessed in 1154 by bishops of Agen and Périgueux.

Cadouin abbey was now protected by the relic: monks even received lots of privileges.

About fifty new monks landed, and even the small village of Cadouin benefited from these gifts: no more income, no more tallage for people of limited means! A market took place here every week, but also a fair every year.

At the same time, pilgrimages were more and more numerous: in 1269, king of France saint Louis came personally before he embarked for Crusades, in order to pray the shroud! Several lords made precious gifts.

They came from all Europe to see the shroud! And it would last for centuries... The abbey was later destroyed and seized during French revolution.

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