Cambia chapels and their strange anthropomorphic stone

DetailDetail | ©Pierre Bona / CC-BY-SA

The chapels

The tradition says the two neighbouring chapels of San Quilico and Santa Maria were raised by two masons, father and son.

The father was in charge of Quilico’s building work, the son of Santa-Maria’s one.

So the dad, from his spot, could keep an eye on his son’s work…

San Quilico is a Romanesque church with pretty rough sculptures: on the Southern tympanum, look at this man wearing a long tunic, a sword in his hand, the other one holding a snake.

On the Western tympanum, we have Adam and Eve… and the snake! Don’t miss too frescos, inside (15th and 16th c.).

The statue-menhir

The curiosity here is located next to the church of Santa-Maria: a statue!

And a special one: an anthropomorphic statue-menhir, with a prominent face.

Discovered at the end of the 19th century, the legend says it was a petrified young girl…

Here’s the story… a girl made a silly challenge: to come here at midnight and to put a stick in a tomb.

But the dead man in the grave woke up, and the girl was petrified with terror!

Another version says the girl came at midnight in the church to met a vampire. She didn’t believe in vampires, and yet, she was there!

She came across one who was hiding in the darkness, and the terror petrified her...

Oh, come here: we can see a flat stone next to the menhir, the Petra Frisgiata, discovered at the end of the 20th century.

We can see on it curious inscriptions, with squares, lozenges and a cross. This stone dates back to the beginning of the 1st century BC!