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Cardinal La Balue's native house

The house | / CC-BY-NC-SA
House Cardinal La Balue La Balue's house

At number 2 of rue du Pont, in Angles village, here’s a pretty stony house (15th century).

A famous man was born here in 1421... who? Jean Balue, nicknamed La Balue!

King of France Louis XI noticed him and appointed him Parliament cleric, bishop of Evreux, Fécamp and Rouen.

Then he became a cardinal in 1467. King said about him he was a good sort of a bishop...

But Jean became more and more important! He get his fingers burnt... Courtiers started to be jealous of him... and they told everywhere he was a traitor, cooking something up with king Louis’ enemy, duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold...

La Balue was arrested, locked in castle of Tours, then in Onzain near Blois. And finally in the sinister keep of Loches...

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