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Carnac alignments, a mystery

The stones | Steffen Heilfort / CC-BY-SA
Megalith Carnac standing stones alignments

Carnac... such a mystery! Historians said lots of cranky theories about those alignments.

Some said it was Roman soldiers turned into stone by saint Cornély, some said those huge stones were pickets for Caesar's soldier's tents...

The famous French writer Flaubert wrote: "They said more stupid things than there are stones in Carnac."

In fact, stones would be funerary monuments. But we notice that their orientation correspond to dawn and dusk: the stones are maybe a huge Pagan calendar...

Lots of questions, indeed! And who raised those 5 000 years-old megaliths? Who could carry those 6 metres high giants? We find here not only megaliths, but cromlechs, dolmens, tumulus, as the tumulus of Saint-Michel of Kercado.

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