Catherine de Bourbon's misfortunes in Pau castle

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When Catherine of Bourbon was regent for her brother Henri IV, she moved and lived in the castle of Pau.

In 1592, her cousin Charles de Bourbon, count of Soissons, showed up. He was Henri IV’s old comrade in arms, and Catherine was totally in love with him, so did he… her own true love!

The king forbade Catherine to marry him. So, he decided to choose a husband who’d serve his political interests… Catherine and Charles tried to convince Henri, in vain.

Well, to hell with that! Catherine and her love met in Pau to talk about their wedding… but Henri, in the next month, heard about that and ordered to besiege the castle to stop them: they arrested the count and they separated the two lovers.

Catherine, pretty bitter, left the castle of Pau after that… she finally married late on in life with the duke of Lorraine… She remained childless.