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Cesare Borgia in Chinon castle

Cesare Borgia, C. Brixius (1700-1799) | Rijksmuseum / CC0
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Festivities Cesare Borgia Chinon castle

Pope’s kid

In December 1498, king Louis XII was in Chinon. To host a very special guest: pope Alexander VI’s son, Cesare Borgia!

Hey, look! The cortege who came with him had just arrived in the city! Whoa, such an amazing and gorgeous retinue… Gorgeous horses, page boys dressed with silver and gold… Borgia was a neat guy!

French chronicler Brantôme described the scene: ″He had a red satin suit, embroidered with rich jewels and big pearls. Upon his hat, 5 or 6 rubies as big as a bean. Next to him, 24 mules loaded down with chests, sideboards, and carriages galore carrying beds, crockery and other things. His horse was covered with golden leaves, with lots of pearls and jewels...″

A lame woman and the king’s sister

What did Louis XII want? The cancellation of his wedding with Jeanne of France, the lame one, so he could marry Anne of Brittany. He would get his cancellation, by hosting this pope’s son.

But in return, Borgia asked the duchy of Valentinois, for his Cesare, and a private income of 20000 livres…

And a lady’s hand: Charlotte d’Albret, king of Navarre's sister. They married and after an agitated wedding night, Cesare disappeared in the morning and never came back...

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