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Charles V and fireguard wall

The fireguard between the 2 façades | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Street District Charles the Fifth Rue de l'Empereur in Orléans

Located in the city's heart, this street was named after the emperor Charles the Fifth (rue de l'Empereur = "Emperor's street"), when he passed by Orléans.

But we aren't quite sure of that... maybe it's also because lots of German students used to live in Orléans, and gathered in this house they called Aedes Imperatoris Nostri ("Our emperor's home")...

At number 33, now, look at those twin wooden houses!

You can see a kind of stony fireguard separating them. I don't need to explain its use! They added it to prevent fires from spreading... because fires were numerous, with all those wood framing houses!

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