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Chaumont and Marie de Broglie's extravagances

Marie de Broglie, Chaumont | Cristian Bortes / CC-BY
Castle of the Loire Valley Castle Festivities Chaumont-sur-Loire castle

Le Ray sold the castle in 1823 to the count of Aramon, who laid out the huge gardens. Then the Walsh family, new owners, asked architect La Morandière to restore castle's fronts in the neo-Renaissance style.

The new owners, in 1875, was the Broglie family: they transformed Chaumont into the current castle, with the landscaper Duchêne and the architect Sanson.

They had here a sumptuous lifestyle! Princess de Broglie invited all the Opera Garnier ballet company, all the Comédie-Française, who came with a special train...

The maharajah of Kapurthala gave an elephant to the princess. But the poor animal suffered from cold, and was sent in Paris where it died in 1906...

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