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Chinese pagoda and Tartar tent in Groussay

The pyramid | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Garden Castle Groussay castle

Near Montfort-l'Amaury, Groussay looks like a dream! You'll surely come here for its gorgeous park, full of architectural surprises. The castle, raised in 1825 for the duchess of Charost, daughter of the governess of Marie-Antoinette's children. Almost one century later, in 1938, Charles de Besteigui purchased Groussay and its 30 hectares park in order to refit the entire estate. And he had tremendous fun! In 1952, the architect Emilio Terry added two wings to the castle. With the support of Alexandre Serebriakoff, he decorated the park with extraordinary fabriques. Inspired by 18th century gardens, de Beisteigui modified the ground, dug lakes and canals... Come here! A pink brick pyramid, inspired by the Caius Setius' one in Rome is mirroring in the water. Here, a bridge and little temples dedicated to Love. Oh, look at that! The Tartar tent... raised in 1960, it evokes the one king Gustave III from Sweden put up in 1781 in Drottnigholm. Come in! 10 000 Delft tiles were used from bottom to top. Here, you have a Chinese pagoda... The visit of Groussay's park is a true bucolic walk!

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