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Cimiez monastery and its calvary

Detail | Poulpy / CC-BY-SA
Abbey Calvary Franciscan Cimiez monastery

This convent is a real paradise near Nice: so quiet, so nice, with its beautiful gardens... Welcome in Cimiez! Founded in the 9th century by Benedictine monks from abbey of Saint-Pons, Franciscan monks lived there since 1546.

Let’s begin with the Cimiez calvary, on a little square near the convent: you can’t miss it! It’s a wreathed marble column (vestige of a Roman building?) crowned by a cross which dates back to 1477: the tradition says a bishop of Cyrene gave it to the convent.

Before the French Revolution, it was on a square in Cimiez. But during the Revolution, a man from Cimiez called Sardina decided to save the cross from the mess, hiding it in his barn! In 1804, thanks to that man, they could raise it at its current place.

On the cross' southern face, we see a seraph: the angel who appeared to saint Francis (the one who founded Franciscan order, of course) on mount Alverne. On each side, we have: saint Francis, saint Louis of Toulouse and a pelican, symbol of paternal love.

On the northern face: Virgin Mary, saint Bernardin of Sienna and saint Claire... two Franciscan saints. At the foot of the cross, coats of arms (including Sardina’s family's one): 3 fishes and a tree with 3 stars.

An inscription says: Hoc opus fieri fecit venerabilis frater Ludovicus Terrini ordinis Mino-rum conventus. MCCCCLXXVII. Die V Juni, which means "This work was made by brother Louis Terrini, from the Minor order, on June 5th 1477."

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