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Cinq-Mars' gory destiny, the marquis who get his fingers burnt

Cinq-Mars | thelostgallery / CC-BY
Castle Tragic destiny Marquis de Cinq-Mars Effiat castle

Did you know Effiat castle and its famous marquis of Cinq-Mars, king Louis XIII's favourite, involved in a conspiracy against cardinal of Richelieu?

In the beginning, an early castle was raised here in 1557 for Gilbert II Coëffier, embellished and extended from 1625 by marquis Antoine Coëffier-Ruzé. Antoine had a son, Henri d'Effiat, marquis of Cinq-Mars.

When this one get the age of 15 years old, he already was the king's lieutenant; when he was 19 years, Louis XIII main squire!

But he was involved in a conspiracy caused by king's brother, Gaston of Orléans...

Henri was executed in Lyon in 1642... Once the Effiat family died out, the castle fell to Paul-Jules de La Mailleraye, cardinal Mazarin's nephew and related to Effiat family, then to the famous Scottish banker John Law.

This family kept the estate until 1846, then it was sold to a merchant. Until then, the Sampigny always embellished and took care of their house. But the merchant damaged it... De Moroges family owned Effiat 10 years later and brought the estate back to life!

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