Cordès castle's heiress' terrible destiny

BarbezieuxBarbezieux | ©Public domain

Jealousy and exquisite symphonies

1696. Since 43 years, the Alègre lived in the castle. They had a quiet life… unless?

Marie-Thérèse, Yves d’Alègre's daughter, married marquis de Barbezieux, Louvois’ son (king Louis XIV's famous minister).

The groom’s father said the wedding was gorgeous, luxurious: “All I see around me is jewels, magnificent clothes, amazing linen. All I see is sumptuous feast and exquisite symphonies.”

Well, looks are deceptive…

Because Barbezieux was unfaithful… he loved her wife, sure, and yet… So Marie-Thérèse, who also loved her husband, decided to get him back, titillating his jealousy: she set her cap at the duke d’Elbeuf…

She didn’t want a love affair, just something to get her husband back!

Locked in a convent

But soon, everyone knew the story, Barbezieux included! Even the court supported the lady. Outraged, Barbezieux asked to see his father-in-law, to find a solution: he wanted to get rid of this naughty wife!

But the young lady fell sick, so her father didn’t want to be rough with her. The husband said she pretended to be ill and ordered to send her in a convent.

Well, no one could solve the problem, so they asked to the king, who finally decided this thing: the lady would be send in a convent in Auvergne when she would be cure. This convent was her last home: she died there at the age of 26…