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Coucy castle and the legend of the eaten Heart

The castle | Szeder László / CC-BY-SA
Castle Legend Coucy castle

This legend is about the Cœur mangé (“eaten heart”), which deals with the revenge of a jealous husband on a lord of Coucy…

Lord of Coucy and lady of Le Fayel, Gabrielle, loved each other. But one day, the lord had to go to the Crusade.

Broken-hearted, Gabrielle cried, with a heavy premonition above her head…

Indeed, her lord died in the siege of Saint-John of Acre.

He was dying, he asked his squire this strange thing: “When I would be dead, open my chest and took my heart. Put it in this little box and bring it to my lady in Picardy, with this letter…”

The squire went back in Picardy.

Did he give the box to Gabrielle? No he did not! Because there, he came across with her husband!

Who asked him why he was here, his sword on his throat… The poor squire immediately gave him the box and the letter…

A letter full of passionate and sincere words! The lord went insane and understood.

Aaah, just wait and see, I’d show her what I’m made of… I’d serve her the heart for diner, tonight!

Did the poor Gabrielle enjoy her meal? She didn’t notice the heart, in fact, mixed with spices and other meats…

“Did you like it?” said the lord. “So you must know it was your lover's heart.”

“Oh, really?” answered the lady. “Well, I really enjoyed it, I’d never take another meal!”

And Gabrielle let herself die, slowly…

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