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D'Albon-Lustrac couple in Tournoël castle

Jacques | Österreichische Nationalbibliothek / Public domain
Castle Adultery Marguerite de Lustrac Jacques d'Albon Tournoel castle

A beautiful wedding

Jean d’Albon married Charlotte de La Roche in 1510. The wedding took place in the castle and drew all the local upper crust.

They had a son, Jacques, who fortunately stood out in the royal Court: he was raised with the son of king François I, the future Henri II!

In 1547, Jacques became king’s gentleman, governor and general lieutenant of Forez, Beaujolais and Bourbonnais… and finally marshal of France!

3 years later, he married one of the richest lady of that time, Marguerite de Lustrac. Do you remember? We met her in the castle of Gavaudun! An unhappy marriage for both of them, with a very unfaithful husband…

Luxury, meat and et good food

And yet our marshal was handsome, proud and so on… De Thou wrote about him: “He adored luxury and pleasures, he lived in the reign of Henri II at the expense of the French State.”

Brantôme added: “He had pretty rare furniture, better than in the king’s court. He made great diners, with lots of sweets, delicate meats”…

Marguerite... of the misfortune

What about Marguerite? She was the prettiest lady, nicknamed the “Sweetest Marguerite” in a poem by Du Bellay.

The “marshal’s wife” as they called her became a widow when her husband was killed at war.

She took another husband, a lesser brilliant man (to know more about him, see the anecdote about castle of Gavaudun)… and gossips said she poisoned her daughter, Catherine d’Albon, died in convent of Longchamp at the age of 18…

Why? To inherit her daughter’s possessions, the marshal’s only daughter! Because Marguerite wanted to marry prince of Condé, Louis I of Bourbon. A noble prince, is that all?

She was completely in love with him, and even changed religion (he was Protestant) for him. But a gossip said she killed her daughter… the prince heard about that, and ran away from her.

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