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Déols and its Clock gate

The gate | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Fortification Imprisonment Déols tour de l'Horloge

In the 10th century, Déols was the capital city of the mightiest fief in Berry, with lands from Cher departement to Limousin!

It really became important with the foundation of the powerful Benedictine abbey, by lord of Déols Ebbes, in 917.

King Philip Augustus besieged the city in 1187, the English in 1202: Hundred Years War damaged the city... so did wars of Religion.

What about our gate (porte de l'Horloge)?

Raised in 1427, it has a belfry (housing the bell) and two big towers with machicolations.

It's the only vestige of the wall which surrounded the city in the 15th century!

Beside, a door (now walled up) on the first floor used to lead to this wall. Inside, we still have the nice period wooden framework...

In the first tower, we had the big device that rang the bells. They replaced it later by a modern system (a smaller one!).

In the other tower, we have a jail, a kind of small cell where they put... trouble-makers who drank too much! Brr, a dark place...

Did you notice the coat of arms, above the ogive? It's Déols blazon!

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