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Désilles gate, an arch to celebrate the Independence

Southern side, detail | Musicaline / CC-BY-SA
Arch Désilles gate

War made of stone

It’s an Ionic arch raised by architect Mélin and decorated with sculptures by Joseph Sontgen, a German sculptor who also created decorations in Nancy churches.

• On the outside façade, we have military trophies and a representation of battle of Nancy, opposing duke of Burgundy Charles the Bold and duke of Lorraine René II: we can see, on the background, the Craffe gate!

• On the inner façade, we have medallions, which used to be king of France and Stainville’s blazons, hammered during the Revolution.

America in Eastern France

But on this façade, the sculptor represented America independence: two low-reliefs showing the French people and their king. On the other side, France and America’s union with Treaty of Versailles in 1783.

• At the top, a medallion with Louis XIV’s portrait, carrying by the Independence allegory (a little Black child with the Victory and Glory muses).

• On the left low-relief, people from Lorraine honour France: a genie welcomes the king, another one crowns him. On the right scene, a little Black kid tributes king of France.

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