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Diboan and Urlou, two special Breton saints

The crypt | Amadalvarez / CC-BY-SA
Abbot church Crypt Sainte-Croix church in Quimperlé

Here's the crypt (11th century): isn't it beautiful? We have two Romanesque tombs.

The first one belongs to saint Gurloes (Urlou, in Breton). It dates back to the 15th century.

Sculptors represented him with his abbot clothes, his head on a pillow and with a dragon by his feet. In his left hand, a book, in right hand, a crosier.

The second one is the tomb of abbot Henri de Lespervez. He was buried in front of the altar in 1453, then, two centuries later, they translated his corpse in this crypt.

His head lies on a pillow which is crowned by a canopy flanked by a Virgin Mary and two angels holding two coat of arms: abbot's blazon.

Near his feet, we can see two dogs with the same blazons. You can notice too that abbot's hands were broken: they used to be clasped together.

Still in the crypt, we have a sculpted Sepulchre (1500), the oldest one in Brittany! This piece comes from the old Dominican monastery in Quimperlé.

Statues were badly preserved, between the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th century: they lost their polychromy!

Oh, by the way... among these statues, we notice the unusual presence of the Pharisee Gamaliel and his son Abibon: this last one is similar to saint Diboan, in this area of Brittany...

You know what? Bretons often used to invoke this saint in order to cure... ears pains! Why? Because Diboan means "no pain" in Breton!

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