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Discovering Saint-Amand church in St-Amand-Montrond

The church | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Saint-Amand church in St-Amand-Montrond

The church

The little Romanesque church was raised in the 12th century (with 3 naves and 3 apses, with a shape of Latin cross).

The oldest part is the chevet. The choir, the transept and the first bay of the nave date back to 12th and 13th centuries.

In the 15th and 16th century, lateral chapels were fit out, like the one dedicated to Sainte-Anne, raised by marshal Philippe de Culan and his wife Anne de Beaujeu-Lignières: it’s a real little church, with musician angels!

The visit


Organs were made by prior (and also organist) from Saint-Amand Carmes convent: Claude Theveneau.

They arrived in Saint-Amand church in 1835… They were in the beginning above the door, then they put it in the southern transept.

The restoration by organ builder Boisseau (from Poitiers) dates back to 1967.

Feathers and beard

Do you notice the amazing support of the limestone throne (13th c.)?

It’s a man’s face! A man whose beard is made with feathers or leaves!

We read a sentence on it: B. de Puygernier Pres(biter) Can(onicus) E(cclesiae, which means “B. de Puygernier, priest canon of that church”.

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