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Discovering the pâté from Périgueux

Illustration picture | Lucia Sanchez / CC-BY

What’s this?

The pâté from Périgueux is made with foie gras and truffles.

In the past, they made it with red partridges meat.

Nowadays, the pâté must have 3% truffles and 40% foie gras.

The little history

Since the end of the 14th century, pâtés made by lady Marie Raulet were mentioned in city’s archives. Her shop was located on the place du Gras ("Fatty square"), in Périgueux.

Then, family Villereynier de la Gâtine carried on the pâté tradition: one of them was ennobled by king Louis XV, becoming lord of Pouzateau and king royal baker!

Then we had Jean Charbonnier, with his inn known as "The Three Kings".

In the 18th century, just before the French Revolution, Antoine-François Courtois made pâtés for the Court in Versailles and for the king himself.

He also cooked for Frederic of Prussia and the royal court of England!

Until the middle of the 18th century, the pâté from Périgueux was made with red partridges meat and chicken livers.

But Close, chief of governor of Strasbourg marquis de Contades, created pâté from Strasbourg... made with foie gras!

Then, bakers from Périgueux added foie gras in their recipe...

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