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Dreadful murder in Sévérac-le-Château

L. d'Arpajon | Austrian National Library (ÖNB) / Public domain
Medieval city Homicide Tragic destiny Severac-le-Château medieval city

Séverac, which used to be completely fortified, kept its narrow streets, medieval houses from the 15th and 16 centuries...

From the castle terrace, whoa! We have an amazing view on the Cévennes! To the north we have buildings raised in the 14th century, to the south the Renaissance castle. It was a real fortress, where Cathars (13th century) and Protestants (16th century) used to take shelter.

Oh, but did you know Louis d’Arpajon? He owned the estate in the 17th century and raised the Renaissance castle.

The legend says he lived here with his wife, a beautiful lady whose name was Gloriande de Thémines. This one organized parties and feasts where all the local upper crust came!

But this mother-in-law, an old Huguenot who changed religion, hated her, with her parties so full of frivolities. She persuaded Louis her wife was unfaithful, and worse... that their children were illegitimate!

Louis locked her wife in the castle and allowed her to go out once a year, for the Our-Lady pilgrimage in Ceignac.

This very day, she went to the pilgrimage and suddenly... Louis' henchmen swooped down on her and tortured her, slashing her ankles and wrists. The poor one, brought in Séverac castle, died few hours later... officially from a heart attack!

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