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Emma de Blois, the diabolical countess

General view | M.herrick / CC-BY-SA
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The count’s better half

Among the first lords of Chinon, we have the powerful counts of Blois, with for instance one of them, Thibault le Tricheur. This following story happened to his daughter, Emma, taking place in the castle of Chinon…

The book Chronique de l'abbaye de Maillezais says that in 992, Emma was locked in the castle of Chinon.

Away from her husband’s fury… Hey, after all, he started it! Who?? Mighty duke of Aquitaine and count of Poitou Guillaume II.

He fell in love with the pretty viscountess of Thouars, Aldéarde. He often ″met″ her at her house, Emma knew about that… and could not bare it!

Illegal confinement

While she was pondering her revenge, she came across the viscountess, one day, as she followed a path in the countryside.

Suddenly, Emma get closer to her rival and hit her face. Unhorsed, the viscountess fell on the ground.

Emma sent her guards on her, who hit her and raped her, letting her bruised. Almost dead.

Further, Emma kidnapped the viscountess’ son, and locked him in her castle of Chinon!

We don’t know why, but Guillaume didn’t take revenge. The tradition says he made up with Emma and retired himself until he died in the abbey of Maillezais...

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