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Eugène Delacroix drew his inspiration from Nohant for Sainte-Anne church

The church | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church George Sand Eugène Delacroix Sainte-Anne church in Nohant-Vic

The church

Sainte-Anne is located next to famous French writer George Sand's house, on a small quiet square.

Dating back to the 12th c., belonging to abbey of Déols, we immediately notice the nice porch but also the simple interior, with white walls and Romanesque capitals.


French painter Eugène Delacroix was invited by George Sand for the first time in her house, in 1842.

He saw the little church and wanted to make a painting to decorate the inner wall.

To seek the inspiration, he went for a little walk in George Sand's garden.

As he came back, he saw a woman farmer with her daughter. Awww, the scene was so touching…

Delacroix, upside down, had his subject: this would be the Education of Virgin Mary! With sainte Anne teaching Mary how to read…

Ah, but there was one problem: Delacroix left Paris free and easy, without his materials! He made a canvas with a big piece of linen. What about colours? He ordered them…

We can see the original painting in Delacroix museum in Paris: in Nohant church, we have a copy made by George Sand’s son, Maurice, a painter... Delacroix’s disciple!

The copy is nowadays in La Châtre museum.

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