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Flavours galore for the niniche from Quiberon

Apple niniche | / CC-BY-NC-SA

This candy comes from Quiberon, Brittany. Armorine mother company, founded by Mr. and Mrs. Audebert, made them since 1946. So, what’s the niniche, exactly? A kind of big shiny sugar stick, full of good things (natural fruits aromas or caramel), made in big copper pots and hand-made draw out. And by the way, the niniche was elected "France's best candy"! We have 49 flavours! Apricot, pineapple, anise, banana, cherry, cola, exotic fruits, tangerine, mint, lemon-milk, pear, apple, plum, caramel-pistachio, caramel-nougatine, caramel with Rum, butter and banana... and so many others!

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