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Gargilesse, saint Greluchon and women

Greluchon | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Parish church Notre-Dame church in Gargilesse

Look! In a corner of the church, we have the well-preserved recumbent figure of one Gargilesse lord, Guillaume de Naillac.

He died in 1266, he has his coat tighten by a belt. He has his hands clasped together, bareheaded, his sword on the right side of his body. Oh, an iron gate protects him! Why? To prevent damages caused by infertile women…

In the area, people used to grate the statue’s stone and put it in a glass of water: the tradition says it was a good remedy for sterile ladies.

People thought that this recumbent statue represented saint Greluchon, a popular saint from Berry supposed to cure sterility! Fortunately, the figure only lost a piece of his lips and nose...

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