Gavrinis cairn mystery

The cairnThe cairn | ©Myrabella / WikimediaCommons / CC-BY-SA

Gavrinis is a little island where this strange megalith stands, which used to mark a funerary site.

Gavrinis' one dates back to 3 500 BC; its 100 metres long and 8 metres high.

A long corridor leads to a room where the soil is entirely paved; walls (29 granite's pillars) are decorated with lines and spirals drawing strange patterns; fishes, snakes, leaves...

Well, just imagine the huge building work, four years long... 16 000 tons of stones men had to sculpt and engrave...

After the construction, the wooden pillars which stood behind the entrance were burnt and the megalith was hidden with stones. Archaeologists found it again in 1835; they made first excavations, followed by other plans in the end of the 20th century.