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Groslot garden: place de l'Etape and Saint-Jacques chapel

The garden and Groslot townhouse | / CC-BY-NC-SA
Chapel Garden Groslot garden

Originally, the Etape square (where the garden is) was located outside the city, to the north of the Gallo-Roman wall. This is where wine merchants had a shop: this is why the square was called Estape aux vins, "wines warehouse"!

Etymologically, the Estape, in the 12th century, referred to a merchandise's warehouse, then later the place where merchants came in order to trade (estape came from stapel, a Dutch word which means "warehouse").

After 1485, the square became a place where people usually went for a walk.

Now, the garden strictly speaking! The chapel Saint-Jacques' ruins, the light playing in the tall trees, the building made of brick give a romantic look to the garden! Perfect for a peaceful, timeless afternoon...

Chapel Saint-Jacques was raised by king of France Louis VII. A kind of souvenir from a visit to Compostela, that the king made after his wedding with Constance of Castile.

Originally, it was built in the Châtelet district and was dedicated to Jacques, pilgrims' patron. The chapel was brought in this garden in the 19th century, when it became a public place.

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