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Haroué castle, the Enlightenment in Lorraine

The castle | Vincent Zimmermann / CC-BY-SA
Castle Haroué castle

Welcome in Haroué, near Nancy! A true palace, old fief of Harouel family.

The current castle dates back to the 18th century, raised by Marc de Beauvau between 1729 and 1731, on the foundations of the former fortress (13th century) demolished during the 30 Years war.

Architect Germain Boffrand completed the new castle, a square building flanked by round towers with pepper-box roofs.

In the middle, he laid out a vast courtyard surrounded by Classical and neoclassical fronts.

The greatest artists completed the inner decoration, in Rocaille style. Jean Lamour completed wrought-iron crafts: the same who designed gates of Stanislas square in Nancy!

Boffrand described the castle; he said "the main building houses two apartments. The right wing is composed of a chapel and several rooms, and the left wing houses kitchens. Next to the castle, a huge barnyard with stables. Undergrounds are vaulted and are used as orangeries."

In the 20th century, landscaper Emilio Terry laid out the 17th century formal gardens. And now, they call the castle of Haroué the "little Versailles from Lorraine"! Indeed, king of Poland and duke of Lorraine, Stanislas, often came here...

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