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Here lies... Parpaille in Saint-Pierre church in Avignon

The Last Supper, based on da Vinci | GFreihalter / CC-BY-SA
Basilica Jean-Perrinet Parpaille Saint-Pierre church in Avignon

We found here Perrinet Parpaille’s grave, the famous Catholic who became a looter and a bloodthirsty Protestant, during wars of Religion.

His family was allowed to bury his body here, after his execution in 1562. It seems that a part of the grave disappeared. But not the most gorgeous part, fortunately...

Because we have here the famous ″Parpaille’s retable″: Perrinet’s dad ordered it in 1524 to sculptor Imbert Boachon, the talented artist who made the amazing Doni’s retable in church of Saint-Agricol d'Avignon. Look what we have on this retable: the Last Supper (based on a work by Da Vinci) in low-relief.

Above, 3 statues in their niches: • saint Pierre with his keys • saint André with his cross and a scroll with the sentence Suscipe discipulum • saint Paul with his sword.

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