Hurault de Cheverny, the deceived husband's gory revenge

The arms roomThe arms room | ©Pierre-André Leclercq / CC-BY-SA

Cheverny! An elegant castle located in Sologne... fief of the Hurault family! Our story begins with Jean Hurault, who owned the seigneury at the end of the 14th century; then, Jacques, Louis XII's general auditor of the Treasury, in 1490.

His son Raoul raised a former castle in 1510, but the lord died during Italy's wars.

In 1565, Raoul's sons Philip and Jacques inherited the estate. Philip was king Henri III's minister of Justice: he was appointed count of Cheverny, in 1586. He gave the castle to his son Henri in 1596. Ah, Henri Hurault...

You know what? One evening, in 1602, he was invited at a party. King Henri IV laughed at him, and with his fingers, he made horns behind Hurault's back.

Because Henri was a deceived husband! And all the court knew it... Humiliated, Henri left the party and galloped to Cheverny: he found his wife with her lover.

Immediately, he killed the man and threatened the lady: either she died poisoned or he killed her with his sword. She decided to take the poison and died in the night...

Then Hurault get back to the party! When the king heard the news, he exiled Henri on his Cheverny's estate. And Henri immediately married again!