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Hyères, a traitor in the castle

The castle | Lucastristan / CC-BY-SA
Castle Wars of Religion Siege Treason Hyères castle

In the 10th century, they called it castrum Aracarum. The fief belonged in 970 to viscount Pons of Fos. In 1192, count of Provence Ildefons I besieged the fortress but lord of Fos expelled him quickly.

Same thing in 1257! Charles of Anjou, count of Provence, seized the castle, which belonged to Roger of Hyères, count of Fos. After a 5 months siege, Charles finally kept the stronghold. In 1588, during wars of Religion, duke of Savoy Charles-Emmanuel tried to seize Provence and Hyères.

But the castle was defended by the brave baron Menouillon in the name of king of France. A loyal man! Apparently... because he seemed to cook something up with enemies, the Ligue...

Hyères inhabitants immediately talked about the traitor to Provence's governor, a man called Nogaret de La Valette.

8 years and 3 sieges later, king of France Henri IV owned Hyères. But in the reign of Louis XIII, the fortress became useless and was demolished...

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